Path to a Peaceful Heart Lesson 2: Centering

I find it helpful to center myself in the mornings. Whatever is your chosen spiritual path, take a few minutes to tread upon it mindfully.  Remind yourself who you are and why you are here.  The belief structure of your life has everything to do with all of the choices, big and small, that will make up your day.  If you are clear on that, or at least seeking clarity, it will bring courage and swiftness to decision-making. You won’t waste time muddling around or agonizing about choices if you know what you value.

Centering can be whatever you want it to be.  A walk or run at sunrise, a conversation with a loved one, a paragraph in a journal, a meditation or reading.  Whatever you need to focus your day. But choose something.  To spring out of bed and into morning at full tilt is simply jarring. Those are the types of days I feel irritable and behind schedule.

My morning routine usually begins with a cup of coffee and my computer.  I don’t look up the newspapers as I know I will have all day to hear whatever bad news is waiting. I sign in to read a short passage from a book called God Calling.  I registered to have it sent, free of charge, to my mailbox every day. It takes two minutes, but it speaks to me deeply and reminds me that my daily challenge is surrender.

Yes, you may have to get up earlier, but I promise that once you have established this new habit (they say a new habit takes 21 days to create…or break!)  you will see a marked difference in your ability to navigate your day with a more peaceful heart.

Do you have a centering exercise that inspires you?  Please share with us~


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2 Responses to Path to a Peaceful Heart Lesson 2: Centering

  1. Windy Lynn says:

    Lovely photo, Susan. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this subject. I haven’t been doing it with purpose, but I realize I have a centering routine in the morning, too. I have a favorite chair, one that is scooted up close to a coffee table that can support my feet nicely. When the kiddos are done with breakfast and the lunches are made, I fill my coffee mug and ease myself into the chair for at least 10 minutes. I sit all the way back, put my feet, and rest my coffee on my chest where sipping with my eyes closed is easy. Ahhhh. You’re right, days that begin like that are much more productive and enjoyable.

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