The Sunny Room Studio

Some people in the world  are born to inspire others.  Daisy Hickman is one of those women.

I met Daisy one day online via author Laura Munson.  We clicked on each other’s blogs and a fast friendship was formed.  I was immediately drawn to her spirit.  A writer, a poet, and student of sociology she has created a beautiful space called The Sunny Room Studio where she reminds us that it is important to “Live in Rooms Filled with Light” (Aulus Cornelius Celsus).

She invites a variety of interesting writers to her blog as she believes that “there is much to be gained by addressing intriguing topics in a conversational setting.”  When I am feeling a bit low, I know that I can always head there for inspiration and food for thought.

A few weeks ago, I was flattered when Daisy invited me to be a guest.  After much thought and hand wringing, trying to figure out something worthy to say, I decided to share some of my writer’s journey.  I have always been intrigued by the  backstories of books.  Most of us toil for years before we can claim publishing credit and there were many tales and confessions from authors along the way that kept me moving forward, kept me grounded and able to put my own difficulties in perspective.  It is my hope to be able to do the same for others.

Come on over to The Sunny Room Studio, pull up a chair by clicking HERE, and let me share a few thoughts with you!

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4 Responses to The Sunny Room Studio

  1. Susan, what a lovely introduction! You are a generous spirit … a bright light in our world … and what a pleasure to work with you this week.
    Thanks for mentioning the SunnyRoomStudio story here and for sharing your inspirational light with blog readers. Definitely a sunny day in the studio! And Laura, thanks for connecting us via your blog. Kindred spirits make life more meaningful in so many ways!
    We are all wiser because of the “moments that matter.” — My best, Daisy

  2. I definitely agree. Daisy lifts my spirits, deepens my soul and allows me a moment of reflection every time I visit her wonderful Sunny Room.

    • Hi Lee, Yes, Daisy is an amazing woman who continues to inspire and elevate others. I am drawn back to the Sunny Room Studio time and again for rest and rejuvenation. Thanks for stopping by! Susan

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