How I Found My Agent

If you don’t already know Chuck Sambuchino, let me introduce you!

Chuck is a writer and editor of The Guide to Literary Agents, a writers resource for finding a literary agent who can represent their work to publishing houses. The GLA includes more than 90 pages of original articles on finding the best agent to represent your work and how to seal the deal. From identifying your genre to writing query letters to avoiding agent pet peeves, GLA will help writers deal with agents every step of the way.

He also puts together a great blog that I check every day. is filled with information, agent introductions, and writer inspiration.  I urge all writers to add it to their list of must see blogs.

And, most importantly, Chuck is an approachable, all-around nice guy.  I have been honored to be asked to guest blog for him on two occasions. A few months back I did a piece on travel memoir, and today I am back with a contribution to his recurring topic “How I Got My Agent“.

I am giving away a free copy of Halfway to Each Other to one lucky commenter (random drawing!) so stop by to see us.

Have a great day~


ps.  Chuck is also the author of  How to Survive a Gnome Attack if you are one of the millions of homeowners who deal with this growing suburban issue!

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