48 Hour Film Project Update!


A heartfelt thank you to all of you who generously contributed to our recent Kickstarter campaign! We met our goal and were able to successfully finance a short film in this year’s 48 Hour Film Project in Baltimore.

To jog your memory, the 48Hour Film Project is an event that takes place in almost every major city world-wide. It draws veteran film makers and students alike. It basically works like this:

On a Friday evening at 7:00 PM our volunteer team is handed a genre, a line of dialogue, a prop and a character. Then we write, rehearse, shoot, edit and score a complete short film that we must hand deliver by Sunday night at 7:00PM. You can imagine the creative frenzy that whirls through the weekend. It is 48 hours of film making madness!

This year our AVA Productions team reassembled for the sixth time. Having developed into a well-oiled machine, we were eager to focus our efforts to deliver a thoughtful film that would bring attention to those to whom we all owe a great debt. We wanted to honor our steadfast, and sometimes forgotten, soldiers.

Here’s how the weekend evolved:

On June 6th, we pulled a genre out of a hat. Sci-Fi! Oh no!! This did not seem to support the emotion we wanted to portray so we put it back into the hat. In this case, you are allowed one more try that you MUST use.

Drum roll… we pulled Monster/Creature film! Are you kidding?

The assigned character: Fred. A barber.

Line of dialogue: Does this look right to you?

Prop: Lollypop

The director, Joe Hall, gathered us together to deliver this awkward package of ingredients. As a team, we chewed on it a bit and, undaunted, began. I sat down and churned out a script that approached the genre in a thematic sense: War is the monster our character had to face. I chose the early morning of the day of deployment as our premise/setting to simplify sets for our camera/lighting/sound crew and then wove the rest of the assigned pieces into the storyline with a little creative storytelling.

The basic story question explored: How does a soldier deal with the possibility of loss as he/she heads to war?

We finished the film and felt great about what we had accomplished in just two short days. We achieved our goal and are proud of our film.

A few production photos:image-345682-full





Here is the trailer:


Relentless played to a full house at the Charles Theater late last month and was acknowledged by the audience as a standout among a strong slate of films. Unfortunately, while clearly among the festival’s best entries, we didn’t take the honors this year.

As we head into the fall, however, we await word on more than a dozen other festivals. We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, best wishes for a happy and healthy summer!


The REEL Independent Film Extravaganza in Washington D.C. and the Rehoboth Beach Festival’s Regional Showcase have selected to screen Relentless!  Stay tuned for more festival news~


The Alexandria Film Festival has selected to screen Relentless in November!

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